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Our story

SINAPTICA was founded, in 1990, by Michele Ivaldi, a lecturer in “Interview and questionnaire techniques” and “Qualitative methods in psychological research” in the Psychology Department of Milan’s “Bicocca” University.

Over the years, SINAPTICA has expanded and consolidated its Italian structure and its international network. Today, thanks to its continuous relationship with an increasingly numerous and varied clientele, SINAPTICA has acquired expertise in a variety of markets (from food, to automotive, to services, to pharmaceutical products, to personal care) and to special consumer targets (children; the elderly).

SINAPTICA complies with the ethical standards of the professional organisation ESOMAR, of which it is a member.

SINAPTICA has an arrangement with the Psychology Departments of the Universities of Milan-Bicocca, Turin and Padua for post-graduate apprenticeship training.

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