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Quantitative studies

Qualitative studies planning:

SINAPTICA creates detection instruments that have a very high diagnostic value, that combine quantification of the phenomena observed with investigation of the underlying motives.

SINAPTICA uses semi-structured questionnaires that give the interviewee more freedom to choose the content and form of his reply, and thereby enable the detection of opinions that cannot be immediately classified into a series of pre-set categories.

SINAPTICA uses questionnaires on paper to carry out:
in-home face-to-face
in-hall face-to-face studies

The quality of the service:

SINAPTICA believes that the value of the results cannot be independent of the quality of the fieldwork:
the briefings to interviewers are given by the study director
the interviewers are constantly selected by carefully monitoring work done
cross-checks are made in order to ensure that the interviewees selected are representative
once filled in, the questionnaires undergo a quality check, which entails a specific analysis of the contents, as well as the normal checks to ensure that the interviews were carried out correctly
the answers to open questions are analysed and processed by specialised personnel with psychology training

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