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International studies

Qualitative studies planning:

SINAPTICA has co-ordinated international studies for many years, and has established a large network of foreign institutes.

SINAPTICA believes that the quality of the results of an international study comes from:
an activity of co-ordination that ensures that the techniques for collecting and interpreting data are homogeneous, and thereby makes the cross-analysis of results from the different countries involved possible
a knowledge and sharing, on the part of the local institutes, of Sinaptica’s interview techniques and methods

The quality of the service:

SINAPTICA has a stable and permanent relationship with a variety of institutes in all European countries (from Finland to Greece), that are accustomed to using Sinaptica Tests.

SINAPTICA regularly works with these institutes, co-ordinating studies, including:
the preparation of the data collection method and the report format
personal briefing and debriefing with the people responsible in the local institutes
support in the fieldwork
writing and presenting a summary report of the cross-analysis of the results to the client

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