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Qualitative studies

Qualitative studies planning:

SINAPTICA approaches qualitative studies with the aim of identifying the consumerís attitudes, which, unlike his more superficial and changeable opinions, are not directly expressed by him, but do have a strong influence on his behaviours.

SINAPTICA believes that, in order to identify the consumerís attitudes, it is necessary to have moderators experienced in psychology, who have full command of:
a ďparticipationalĒ style that achieves the emotional involvement of the interviewee activating a genuine intrinsic motivation, which is absent in marketing interviews
the techniques and projective tests that are essential in order to overcome the consumerís rationalisations, and reach his deepest emotions

adopts this approach in all of the types of interview that it habitually carries out:
focus groups
group sessions with a creative orientation
individual, in-depth interviews
in-home visits

The quality of the service:

SINAPTICA has a stable team of professional psychologists with many years of experience in holding individual interviews and group discussions.

SINAPTICA supports the formation and qualification of new collaborators with in-house training.

SINAPTICA carefully checks all stages of the fieldwork, with the help of specially selected, loyal, expert collaborators, and makes cross-checks of the suitability characteristics of interviewees, under the direct responsibility of the field direction.

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