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   The Sinaptica Concept Lab

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The Sinaptica Concept Lab

THE SINAPTICA CONCEPT LAB is specifically intended for formulating and identifying the optimum product concept.

THE SINAPTICA CONCEPT LAB comes from two basic assumptions:
identifying the most appropriate product positioning exclusively concerns the company marketing department as it stems from a precise marketing strategy. Consequently, it must not be entrusted entirely to the consumer
the company marketing department occasionally has different positioning options, all of which are potentially compatible with the strategy

On the basis of these, the need may arise to identify the consumer insight that is most easily identified with and most involving, the promise-benefit that most satisfies the consumer’s needs, and the most credible and effective reason why.

IN THE SINAPTICA CONCEPT LAB the consumer is asked to formulate a product positioning (concept), but, unlike the classic concept labs, this formulation is not given over to his “creative freedom” but is the joint result of the image/personality that he gives to the product, and of the “natural selection” of the company options that are compatible with the strategy.

THE SINAPTICA CONCEPT LAB, in its simplest form, irrespective of the number of company options under test, entails carrying out two group discussions with a homogeneous target.

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